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Convention Music Publishers

While the music field is replete with companies that publish everything from mystery novels to cookbooks, the gospel music publishing genre is much more limited.  These publishers spend hours upon hours creating a virtual work of art in their songbooks, which are collections of some of the very best songs in gospel music today.  These publishers help songwriters from across the country get their music to the world, so we want to bring their books of inspiration to you.  If you would like to order one of their books, please contact them today!  Join me in thanking them for the amazing job they do each and every year to bring more of God's music to you!

Cumberland Valley
Music Company

Love Not The World
Our 2022 Convention Songbook

Regular books - $5.00; Spiral books - $6.00;
Large Print books - $20.00;

Each year, Cumberland Valley Music Company produces a new songbook filled with new songs written in shape notes. Thank you to the inspired songwriters and our editor for making these new songs available each year!

Get yours today by clicking here.

For purchasing, more information, questions or comments, contact:

Cumberland Valley
Music Company

5816 Frontier Trail
Knoxville, TN 37920

(865) 577-4675

sksnodderly @


Jeffress/Phillips Music

He Has Risen
Our 2023 Convention Songbook


Sing To Him
Regular bind, spiral and Large Print - Listening CD
Rudiments of Music
Easy to understand basics of music comparing shape and round note notation
Understanding 4-Part Harmony
A simplified concept of the art of harmonizing music
Not So Hard Hymn Arrangements For Piano - Volumes 1, 2 & 3
Intermediate to early advanced arrangements suitable for offertories and special music
Not So Hard Children's Piano Book

For purchasing, more information, questions or comments, contact:

Marty, Ann
Madison & Natalie Phillips
Traditional Convention
Music At Its Best

P.O. Box 424
Crossett, AR 71635

(870) 364-6883 or (870) 304-6958

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Leoma Music Company

Our 2024 Convention Songbook

Regular books - $6.00; Spiral books - $7.00;
Large Spiral book - $20.00;

Join us in thanking our songwriters for such inspirational music! Through their writings, singers across the country can know that our God is real!

For purchasing, more information, questions or comments, contact:

Leoma Music Company

P.O. Box 236
Leoma, TN 38468

jessieglass40 @

(931) 279-0273 or (931) 242-4422


Our 2023 Convention Songbook

Each year, 7-ShapeMusic Company spreads "traditional" southern gospel music by teaching shape-note gospel singing schools, compiling, editing and publishing songbooks, preserving the history of southern gospel music and collecting, editing and publishing NEW songs in the traditional southern gospel style!

Get yours today by sending an email to the publishers here.

For purchasing, more information, questions or comments, contact:


1801 Fox Meadow Trl SE
Cullman, AL 35055

(256) 297-1290

7-ShapeMusic @