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Convention Books for Sale

Song books with shape-note music are one of the cornerstones of the singing conventions across this country.  Over the years, the songbook has come to represent the very heart of the singing convention by providing many new and revisited songs written in shape-notes for all to sight-read, or to sing again. is happy to facilitate the sale of many of these songbooks from yesteryear.  Please take a moment to peruse the books available today, then click the Buy It Now button to acquire one or more of the following songbooks for your personal collection.  All proceeds benefit the convention providing the books on this site.  

If your convention would like to sell some of its books from storage, click here to go to eBay and setup your account, then contact our site with your eBay account name so we can directly tie into your auctions.  We look forward to offering this service to conventions across the country!

Check back often for additional books for sale as they become available...

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